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Want to join our pet sitter network?

We're always looking for loving, responsible, farm & pet sitters to join our network!

Woof Hoof Mew is looking to work with Independent Contractors who are experienced pet care professionals. If you have been working as a pet sitter, farm worker, doggie daycare attendant, veterinary assistant, 4-H background, rescue work, or have been taking care of animals in general... we would love to have you fill out our questionnaire! Woof Hoof Mew provides pet sitting, farm care, adventure hikes and dog walking services to the Conifer, Pine Junction, S. Evergreen, and Morrison areas. The people we are looking to work with must have a deep love for animals, be responsible, detail oriented, have a good mountain vehicle, clean background check, smart phone and great communication skills. 

Who's a good fit?

  • Anyone who has a deep and unwavering love for animals and caretaking, with an animal care background.

  • Anyone who is tired of management and just wants to show up and have fun with pets, while someone else handles the client management and logistics.

  • Anyone who wants to work for themselves while having the support of other sitters, as well as the ability to take time off whenever you feel like it. 

  • Anyone who can remember the name of every pet you meet, and if your voice automatically gets higher pitched and lovey every time you talk to an animal...then you are definitely a good fit to work with our network!


Who are we looking for?

  • You have a flexible schedule so that you can fill it with pet care visits, overnight sitting or dog walks, when jobs become available! 

  • You are willing and able to drive in the mountains in any weather to get to your client's fur babies and wagging tails!

  • Communication skills are important, so you must be able to use a smart phone and be responsive to the company and the clients. Don't worry... we are all super nice and love animals too!

  • You manage your time well and are self motivated to get to the animals when they are depending on your TLC!

  • You pay close attention to details and follow client requests according to their instructions. You go above and beyond to provide service that they will be coming back for again and again!

  • You think outside the box. Animals are unpredictable, so you will need to be flexible and attentive. You never know when you may need to mend a fence so Fido doesn't get out or dig your vehicle out of a snowbank lol... Don't worry about this either. We have a great network and we will be there to support you if you need us!

  • You must be 18 years old or older, provide a clean background check and live in our service areas :)

Sound like you?
Click below to apply!

If you are ready to see if you want to be a Farm or Pet Sitter working with our clients, please take some time to answer all of the questions in this form and submit for review.

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